As at the beginning of March, 2018 we will be at a new address!

It isn’t far from where we are now either. We are moving into the Kanwal Scouts Hall, on the corner of Hopetown & Pearce rd, Kanwal. This is literally 3 or so building back up Pearce rd.


A large green building with cyclone fencing around it.




We were offered this hall & looked it over, met the bosses, etc. on Tuesday just gone. The place has a good sized room for all our storage needs, a large hall & everything we need including great tenants & relaxed surroundings with a price we could not refuse.

We will be paying about half of what we have been which means we will be able to save some of our outgoings instead of giving it all to council & storage units. So please make a note of the changes & we hope to have a wonderful time & relationship with the Scouts in the future.

This is 2 communities helping each other for the better.

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