The roster can be subject to change & if so you will be given changes through Facebook or text if a member.

Wednesday & Friday (unless otherwise stated)

March, 2022

Renew of memberships due $20 for 2022/2023

* Wednesday 16th & Friday 18th Card Creations (with Friday being Pottery as well)

* Wednesday 23rd & Friday 25th Macrame Basics plus Fete Meeting on Wednesday 10am (***Friday will be the AGM starting at 10am)

* Wednesday 30th Macrame Jewellery

April, 2022

* Friday 1st Macrame Jewellery (with Friday being Pottery as well)

* Wednesday 6th & Friday 8th Wednesday is last minute things for Fete plus Meeting with Friday Prep for Fete.

* Saturday 9th of April, 2022. FETE!!

* Monday 11th & Wednesday 13th Cards For Kids & Easter Meeting on Wednesday 13th at 10am

* Wednesday 20th & Friday 22nd Rock Painting (with Friday being Pottery as well)

* Wednesday 27th & Friday 29th Basics of Drawing

May, 2022

* Wednesday 4th & Friday 6th Inking Techniques (with Friday being Pottery as well)

* Wednesday 11th & Friday 13th Clothing (how to make) Plus Meeting on Wednesday 11th at 10am

* Wednesday 18th & Friday 20th Clothing Continued (with Friday being Pottery as well)

* Wednesday 25th & Friday 27th Applique & embellishing a Cushion.

If you are not wanting to be involved in one or more of these projects there is no problem with doing your own craft. If that is the case please remember that if you require help with a craft other than what is on offer you may need to wait for assistance due to the class being held at the same time. There is no harm in asking for help when we are available.

These classes have been organised to help the running of Her Cave Inc. What is being shown is what will be made, if you are wanting to make something “stemming off” the original project this can be done after you have completed the class as being taken off the main stream of the class can disrupt the day & prolong the class results.