Looking for a place to call home….

We have found our own home now & it’s like a dream come true, thank you to the 1st Kanwal Scouts group for having us rent from them for the past 4 years. Now it’s our own time in our own building, thanks to Central Coast Council, Wyong.

If you know of a place we can call our own to be able to store & operate from you can contact Regina at hercave1@gmail.com

What we would like …….


Somewhere stable

With kitchen & toilet facilities

Have a good sized open space inside to be able to have tables & chairs set-up permanently

Storage areas (we do have our own shed we can put up outside)

Ample parking for at least 6 or more cars

Disability access would be a big tick

Power & water

What we offer back……

minimal rent (as we are a not-for-profit & charity you could write off on taxes)

Someone to care & keep the building clean

Doing minor repairs (depending on repairs & financial issues)

Proven track record for renting, etc.

Friendly tenants

Giving back to the community in more ways than one

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