About Her Cave

Her cave was established in 2015 by our President, Regina Doyle. 

What started as a small group of friends, has grown to become an accredited community-based, non-profit charity where women are encouraged to come in the name of friendship and all things crafty.

Some members have not lived on the NSW Central Coast for very long and joined as a way of making friends, others have lived here for a very long time and simply found there was no such place to meet like-minded women. Women who enjoy creating things and expanding their circle of friends while helping others to make truly beautiful hand made pieces.

Because we have such a wide range of ladies who have been attending, some for almost eight years, we have a wide range of skills and interests so the odds are you will find someone of a similar age group and/or a similar group of interests.
 When you come to visit & see whether you think this organisation is suited to you or not, that 1st day is free. Then either that day or when you return you will be asked to fill out our membership form on payment of membership & 1st weekly fee.

What does it cost?

  •  There is a $20 annual membership fee (or from November each year we halve this as we renew memberships in March of the next year) to remain a member of Her Cave Inc. This goes towards funding the administrative activities required to keep the organisation running.
  • We also ask members who participate to pay a $15 weekly contribution towards operating costs so we can ensure the storage cupboards remain full of exciting bits and pieces for craft projects, as well as excellent sewing machines etc.
  • As we are open 3 days a week (Mon, Wed, Fri – see What’s on for details of opening times) the weekly contribution covers all your visits, whether you come on 1, 2 or 3 days.
  • What you get when participating in crafts? As we have been & constantly receive material, etc. as donations from people of the Central Coast and afar, we offer most or nearly all things that have been donated, etc. to the members to use for personal use, the only requirement is that you don’t sell crafts, etc. that have been given to you to make items. As long as you don’t profiteer from said supplies, you are welcome to use most of the supplies for yourself, family, friends, colleagues or making for a charity. The only courtesy we have is you ask before using in case it is needed for a particular project, etc.
  • The only change to fees is when we are doing a craft that requires specific additional purchases, such as an introduction to pottery. The additional fee only applies to people using these resources (you may prefer to work on a project using our standard supplies) and will be spent on expenses for glazing & firing as well as the clay.
  • You will be told well in advance if a fee applies to a specific workshop (this information will be included when the workshop is scheduled in the calendar).

Where are we situated? Our Address is Kanwal Community Hall, 27-33 Pearce Rd., Kanwal, 2259

This is now our permanent address.


What Do We Do at Her Cave Inc.?

What don’t we do?

For each of the crafts we do, we have some very talented ladies that are giving up their own time to help teach those who want to learn for a very minimal cost.

We operate on a weekly roster with some projects it may keep going for a few weeks or months all dependent on what we are making. If it’s a card, we run it usually for a week or if we are doing a quilt, this can run for months.

One other freedom we have is that you can come, sit & enjoy the company of like minded people, chat & chat or bring your own craft to keep you busy. Our group varies in age from as young as 15 through to 80’s or as I like to say “seasoned!” With the various ages comes a massive skills load that then becomes & continues to keep all crafting alive & well. You do not get pestered, etc. to join in on a particular project, there are all tastes in this world & without that we would be a boring race.

So, for a list of what we do & will be doing in future sessions……

Here you are…..

  • Sewing – Hand & Machine & machine maintenance, etc. (Over-locker classes are also available for those interested in learning)
  • Embroidery – Hand
  • Fabric Dying
  • Pattern Reading & Making
  • Card & Paper Crafts – Cards, Journal, Scrap-booking, stamping, distressing, blending, colouring, painting, decoupage, paper jewellery, origami, stenciling, the list goes on…..
  • Knitting – Crochet – Weaving
  • Dream Catchers
  • Folk Art
  • Decoupage
  • Jewellery – Beading
  • Mosaics
  • Shabby Chic
  • Up-Cycling – Recycling
  • Pottery (the type that goes in the kiln & gets glazed & glazed)
  • Modelling clay (the type you can make beads, etc. from eg. Polymer, Air drying clay)


 If we don’t know how to do it a craft we will find out how & have a class on it, as you know there are always new & exciting crafts popping up all the time!

As you can see, there is something for everyone.

We have & continue to cater to all people in our community, whether physically or mentally challenged as long as those that do have a carer to help them (the carer is not charged a fee unless they become a member of Her Cave inc.) & the person is not disrupting the rest of the group, they are welcome to join.