Meet our members

Who are we and what do we get up to? 

Everyone who comes along to our sessions are friendly, we do not discriminate & never will. If there is a problem arising it is handled with respect for each other. The members are  always encouraged to come and  to talk to whoever is in charge on the day, We don’t encourage members to gossip or make deliberate comments, etc. to others & we are all equal in the the group. I, myself don’t class myself better than anyone else just because I am in charge & try to keep Her Cave Inc., on  smooth keel, I don’t feel i should “tell” people what to do, I advise or ask, as far as I am concerned everyone is equal.

We have such a varied amount of skilled members who are willing to take the reigns with certain classes or look after the times I may bot we able to be there.

We love the fact that with every new member comes a treasury of new and/or updated ideas come along. In one instance we had a new member came i with something different she’d made for her Cave to sell at one of our markets, then when the other members saw this, they all wanted to know how & make their own! The excitement in the room was felt throughout the whole group…. this is what IS Her Cave Inc.!

To have people come along maybe be a bit lonely or other, then see the change in their faces & moods completely do a turn-a-round because they have found a place where they are welcome without pressures put on them…… This what makes our group what it is….. Happy, fun, have a laugh, be serious when needed but not over the top, enjoy the company of others, get creative all in one visit & leave in the afternoon with smiles on their dials.

This is what we are here for, to help, encourage, make friendships, relax, join in, have a laugh or two & learn something new!!