And we are off…

After all the planning and all the packing, we are finally on our way! We are currently at a rest area so I thought I’d send this first update. Also want to send a big thank you to the ladies with the food and beverage van.  The coffees were lovely!

First destination? Heading north of Maitland.

We are so looking forward to giving out all the goodies that are packed tightly in the trailer and truck. We still can’t get over all the wonderful, mostly brand new, products that have been donated.

It is well known that people who are depressed due to financial & other problems receive a great boost when given craft to do. Actually, doing crafts of any kind improves a person’s outlook and helps their mental state.

This is why we decided to do this run. We have also collected other gifts such as toiletries, toys, brand new shoes & clothing to give away to those in need. As a registered charity & not-for-profit organisation, we felt we could step in to provide a positive surprise for these lovely people.  It has taken a lot of work to bring this all together but we are very proud that the first ever Her Cave “Craft to the Outback” run is underway.

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