Welcome to Her Cave Incorporated plus Charitable status

It is official…. Her Cave is now a not-for-profit incorporation!!!

Here at Her Cave we want to share our skills & love for creativity in all women. It doesn’t matter if you are in your teen years or your late 90’s, if you feel the need to become one of our members & join in on the Central Coast, NSW. we are more than happy to welcome you aboard.

My name is Regina and I have started this group in our local community as I feel there is a need to connect with other women in our area, share mine & other like minded crafter’s skills before they become extinct….

Extinct?? what do I mean?

If we do not share & teach other generations to sew, knit, crochet, recycle, up-cycle (the list can go on & on), these skills will be lost to future generations. If you learn the basics of sewing… you have saved yourself a lot of $$$ by not having to pay someone else to fix a hem or sew a button on.

We are now finding that women are finding Her Cave Inc. to be a sort of “Life Saver” as they were very alone, feeling depressed, wanting to do something that isn’t going to cost the earth to do & making new friends, etc. One comment I heard one day was “I don’t know what or where I would be now if I hadn’t had Her Cave Inc. noted to me in one way or another, thank you!”

These comments are one of the reasons I wanted to start Her Cave Inc. & also keep me wanting to make it bigger & better for all ladies on the Central Coast.

I have also found that more & more people are loving the “handmade” idea for gift giving as well as receiving something totally unique & can not be found in a dozen other places.

If you are still here & want to know more, contact Her Cave Inc. at Hercave1@gmail.comd2c00e8eb60d771bd6644bdf6e77ba8e

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